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PFDs, Flooding and Preparedness – Key Safety Considerations for Spring Rowing

As the weather starts to warm up, and we head into April, most of us are eager to get back out on the water as soon as possible. We need to make sure we don’t forget important safety precautions before we head to the dock. Is it warm enough? USRowing promotes a good “rule of thumb” cold weather policy: make ... More

Increase Your Rowing Visual Library: Learn With Instagram

Social media is usually something we use to escape our day, check what our friends are up to or just waste some time while we wait in line. It is however a great resource for increasing your rowing visual library. You can watch rowing videos of athletes of all levels working on all different kinds of things at different ... More

Fall Club Meeting 2018 Recap

On Thursday Nov 29th club members gathered in Avon to discuss the past year, club updates and plans for 2019. It was a great to see everyone and meet some prospective members. Registration is currently open for our winter training programming which includes both a Beginner/Learn to Row sessions as well as Experienced. ... More

Tie Those Boats Down: Strap Etiquette for Boat Safety

What is the correct way to tie boats down? This a question many people may have but never ask. Sometimes it's quicker to just get it on the rack, throw the strap at the boat and run to your car. Would you leave all your car doors open over night on a city street? Probably not! Care of the boat in all aspects of its use - ... More

Comfort With The Unknown: Sculling for The Hesitant Sweep Rower

For rowers at colleges or masters clubs who place a huge emphasis on sweep rowing, sculling might be seen as a foreign activity or one that you only practice when you are otherwise unable to row in bigger boats. Why would I want to be alone in a boat? Isn’t this a team sport? What if I flip? While these are all valid ... More